Monday, March 4, 2013

DISM SIG Reunion Lunch cum Handover

At the end of another academic year, graduating seniors of DISM Special Interest Group invited the forthcoming core committee members to a lunch gathering which would serve as an informal handover and sharing session, as per tradition.

This year the group of ten young information security enthusiasts went to the Manhattan Fish Market at the Star Vista mall which was just opened less than half a year ago.

Two batches of SIG members having a casual chat.

While enjoying the sumptious meal with fellow juniors, year 3 seniors present also gladly shared about their internship experience and elaborated on the doubts and queries raised by their successors in regard to academic study, course curriculum and school activities.

Taking a group photo after a fulfilling lunch
From left to right: Wee Kiat, Edmund, Nikolas, Wei Kiat, Xudong,
AmadeusMustaqiim, Kenji and Ren Hann (Photographer Jeremy)

After lunch, the session continued as the group hanged out in the mall. A few other topics such as the future plan of the group in the next academic year and competition and training preparation also came to light. The new committee are definitely confident in bringing DISM SIG to an even higher level.

Let us take a closer look at these young promisng faces!
From left to right: Edmund, Jeremy, Wei Kiat, Nikolas,
AmadeusMustaqiim, Kenji, Ren Han (Photographer Xudong)

The best is yet to be!

Let us wish this group of young men good luck in all their future endeavors and watch as their success stories unfold.

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