Friday, November 29, 2013

ThinkSECURE's OSSA Certification Examination

Ten DISM Year 2 and three Year 3 students passed the ThinkSECURE's Organizational Systems Security Analyst® (OSSA) Certification Examination. The course cum practical exam was conducted by DMIT lecturers during the September vacation.

Congratulations to them!

Year 2
Daniel Tan Jia Wang
Edric Teo Jin Kai
Goh Wei Jie
Koh Zheng Wei
Liauw Shi Neng Edwin
Muhammad Asri Bin Mohamed Ali
Muhammad Mustaqiim Bin Muhar
See Toh Sheng Yang
Tan Sheng Quan Bernard
Wilson Neo Yuan Wei

Year 3
Fiona Chang Wenxin
Han Xing Jie
Suhaimi Bin Roslan

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Special workshop conducted by Dr lan Welch

Special workshop conducted by Dr lan Welch

Honeypots@Victoria University
This workshop will provide an overview of client honeypots and their related research challenges as well as current work we are doing in this area. You will also get some hands on experience with attacks delivered via websites and detecting them using client honeypots.
Venue  : T2033 - 4
Date    : 13 Nov 2013 (Wed)
Time    : 3:30 - 6 pm  (Note start time)

Please register for (1) CCA point(s)  (2) Reserve your seats (including those that are attending student dialog session, where special arrangement can be made)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HITB 2013 War of the World

On 15 Oct 2013, our team of Dystopian Knights (Nikolas, Wei Lin and Jia Hao) boarded a coach for the five and a half hour journey to Kuala Lumpur. Their objective? To take part in the annual Hack-In-The-Box (HITB) Capture-The-Flag competition held on 16 and 17 Oct at the Hotel InterContinental. This will give them the opportunity to pit their skills against international teams from countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and the Netherlands, with some of the teams comprising of infocomm security professionals.

The competition theme this year was “War of the World” with each team defending a “country” and trying to launch attacks against rival countries. The competition organisers also threw in side challenges to keep teams on their toes.

“The challenges were pretty challenging, and we had to crack our heads to figure out how to progress in the competition.” – Jia Hao

“This year's CTF was definitely challenging, especially compared to other competitions held locally in Singapore. The difference being the fact that this competition focused more on lower level challenges, requiring reverse engineering skills.” – Nikolas

“The CTF was pretty tough, as it consisted of challenges requiring lots of reversing. Besides the main challenges, there were also side challenges that require knowledge such as analysing of pcap files, detecting steganography and recovering hidden files and well, even more reversing!” – Wei Lin

Despite the difficulty level, the Dystopian Knights managed to solve several puzzles and challenges, constantly hovering between the fourth, fifth and sixth positions throughout the competition before finally finishing at a good fifth position.

Besides the CTF competition, there was also the CommSec Village, an exhibition area showcasing various security related projects from both open source and commercial organisations.

So how did the team feel about their days spent in Kuala Lumpur?

“The competition allowed me to push myself to my limits and as a result, I improved in various areas of technical skills. In addition, the exposure to many various types of challenges also widened my extent of general knowledge which would prove useful for future CTFs. It also served as an effective platform to interact with professionals in the field and learn from them” – Nikolas

What else did they enjoy about the trip?

“Being able to see the Petronas Twin Towers when I just look out of the hotel windows! As well as the delicious food in KL ! :) ”

A hotel room with a view