Sunday, March 10, 2013


On 6th March 2013, students from the Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) took part in AIRRAID 4 – a storyline-based wireless, wired and application penetration-testing competition. This one day event was held at the Cyber Wargame Centre located in Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) School of Digital Media & Information Technology (DMIT). Participants of this competition consisted of a number of teams, which were made up of various individuals who ranged from students to industry professionals (both local and overseas).

During the competition, teams took the role of professional penetration testers whose task was to break into the internal network of Limpeh Pte Ltd, a fictitious company. As the competition progressed, teams were given a number of additional ad-hoc missions (called KAMIKAZE! missions) which put their skills in various areas of infocomm security to the test. These missions included gaining unauthorized access to FTP servers, locating and gaining access to wireless access points and even obtaining passwords from a smartphone. In addition to the missions, there was also a degree of strategizing involved as teams were given opportunities to trade in their points for advanced access into the company’s network which simulated the bidding/ tender phase in a real world environment.

Throughout the course of the competition, teams were extremely focused and attempted to use many different attack vectors to complete the missions. From making use of high gain antennas to locate access points around the building to even social engineering, teams were pushed to their limits and had to use every trick in their arsenal to complete the missions. 

The competition was a valuable learning experience as the participants had an opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment which was modelled after a real life scenario. This was truly a one of a kind experience for the student participants, who had the chance to take the theories and concepts taught during their modules and apply them in a practical situation. 

All in all, the competition was well received by the participants and we hope for more of such events to come!

Competition summation provided by 
Nikolas Tay from Team Dystopian Knights

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