Sunday, March 31, 2013

DISM CTF System Handover

29th of March is the Good Friday. A group of DISM students (and soon to be graduates) came back to the Cyber Wargame Centre on the afternoon of this lovely public holiday.

They are the outgoing and upcoming organizing committee members of the DISM Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. And the seniors were back in the CWC lab to walk through and explain to their successors on details of DISM's very own CTF, which include but are not limited to the organizing objectives, server setup, network topology, application daemon, web interface, admin functionality, underlying design, expansion option and future directions.

The first season of DISM CTF in 2012 has been a success, albeit its relatively small scale. Let us hope in the hands of the new committee, in time to come there would be CTF S2, S3, S4... each of which achieves a new height!

Senior walking through the write-up grading and approval system

Upcoming CTF committee attentively watching a demonstration

Organizing Committee from different years engaged in discussion

Group photo of the two generations of committee with lecturers

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