Tuesday, June 18, 2013

National Infocomm Security Competition 2013

Our DMIT (School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology) and SB (School of Business) students had done us proud in the National Infocomm Security Competition 2013 held on 17 June 2013 . The event was organised by GoSafeOnline.Sg and supported by iDA, this competition aimed to promote mental dexterity among students by challenging them to think like an IT security expert. In addition, students were required to propose feasible and cost effective IT security solutions to real world enterprise security case studies within a limited duration of time. Participants from various IHLs had to go through 2 rounds of competition:
  • Preliminary round (25 May 2013):  The participating teams were given 8 hours to examine the case study and developed their IT security proposals in word document format onsite.
  • Final round (15-16 June 2013):  The final round was a two-day onsite event. Teams that qualified for the final round would be given 8 hours to examine the final round case study and develop IT security proposals and presentation slides for presentation to the panel of judges on the subsequent day.
Two students from the DMIT and one student from SB emerged as the winner for the competition. The group consisted of:
  • Yang Xu Dong (Diploma in Infocomm Security Management, DISM)
  • Tan Shi Hui (Diploma in Business Information Technology, DBIT)
  • DFI: Alicia Dee (Diploma in Financial Informatics, DFI)
From L to R: Miss Tan Shi Hui, Ms Georgina Phua (DMIT Director), Mr Yang Xu Dong,
Miss Alicia Dee and Mr Liew Chin Chuan (DISM Course Chair).
The panel of judges.
Group photograph.
We congratulate the team for winning the competition and they walked away with three thousand dollars cash prize (S$3,000). The students have done us proud. Keep up the good work....