Saturday, May 28, 2011

SP Graduation 2011 - DISM

26 May 2011. Warmest congratulations to the DISM graduating class of 2010/2011! Graduation sees the culmination of your hard work and marks the point where you leave SP to make your mark in the world.

A group photograph with lecturers.

The five DISM musketeers.
DISM graduand, Gibson Cheng, receiving the Gold Medal Award from Mr Alphonsus Pang, President of Singapore Computer Society.

DISM graduand, Cheah Kit Weng, receiving the Silver Medal Award from Mr Alphonsus Pang, President of Singapore Computer Society.

We wish all of the DISM graduands every success in their future endeavours.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DISM Mass Briefing

25 May 2011. DISM students gathered together for mass briefing on Wednesday, 25 May 2011 at MLT 11. This was the first time where all the DISM students from 3 cohorts came together housed under one roof. Mr Liew Chin Chuan, Chair of Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) was the host for the event.

During the session, DMIT Dy Director, Mrs Boo presented the certificates to the DISM top students on Director's Honour Roll.

Mr Liew also took the opportunity to briefed the students on the different possibilities in DISM course such as community services, professional certification programmes and advancement opportunities to univeristies. Our alumnus, Mr Tan Jing Wei shared about his learning journey in SP and his stories were really inspiring to the existing students.

Mr Julian Ho, Director of ThinkSECURE was present to give away the Organizational Systems Security Analyst (OSSA) certificates to those who took and passed the examination during the vacation in March 2011.

We really hope that there would be more such gathering sessions in the not too distant future. This would allow new and refreshing bonding experience between the different cohorts of students, the lecturers, alumni and the industry partners.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Staying Safe In The World Wide Web Of Threats

19 May 2011. As Singaporeans get more tech-savvy, so are the online threats that await us! So, how do we protect ourselves from these threats? Well, that’s where a special group of SP students come in!

Ng Zi Kai and Yap Yao Ming, students from SP’s School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT), have been conducting cyber-wellness talks in secondary schools around Singapore to educate the increasingly tech-savvy generation of teenagers like you and me!

By Simon Koh Yuan Zhi

After receiving the chosen topics from the secondary schools, Zi Kai, Yao Ming and their fellow student presenters wasted no time in preparing for the presentation. Being informative and yet engaging at the same time is key to making the cyber-wellness talk a success as they seek to strike a balance between the two.

An engaging and informative presentation underway in Zhong Hua Secondary.

The Metagame

Many of us rely on IT and computers for work and fun. They’re an integral part of our lives. However, although technology has helped us in many ways, there are many dangers too. That's why it is important to understand the dangers and learn how to protect ourselves against them.

Yao Ming said, “It is not just protecting yourself from evil doers. It is also to protect yourself from doing evil (without you knowing it)! An example would be the the act of mooching, whereby you use your neighbour's Internet network without their permission and knowledge. Do you know that it is illegal and you can be charged in court?”

Tools Of The Trade

Yao Ming and Zi Kai are students from SP’s Diploma in Infocomm Security Management where they learn the necessary skills to face and resolve online threats.

Zi Kai revealed, “We are taught how hackers think and act. With this knowledge, we can educate people to defend themselves against these threats.”

Talk at North View Secondary School.
In addition, they learned presentation skills as well as technical knowledge such as computer law and ethical hacking skills (to know the main cause of the attack).

What’s The Situation?

While many Singaporeans are indeed getting more tech-savvy and well-informed about the Internet, Yao Ming feels that there are still many out there who make use of it without caution. Haphazard use of the Internet sometimes comes with a heavy price. Think online lottery scams and key-logging incidents that have caused vital personal information such as personal addresses and credit card numbers to be leaked.

Yao Ming affirmed, “I think people generally should have at least some basic knowledge on how to protect themselves. As for the tougher parts, that’s what we are here for.”

Educating the future generation, one school at a time.
As companies and corporations all over the world begin to heavily integrate IT into their businesses, the demand for IT security experts inevitably increases.

Future careers from this course virtually (no pun intended!) stretches across every single field of work. These include IT security solution providers, auditing and consultancy firms, banking and financial institutions, and organisations that require IT security services in the public and private sectors.

A talk conducted by a SP student at St Patrick’s Secondary School.

About DMIT
SP’s School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology offers seven full-time diploma courses – Business Information Technology; Digital Animation; Digital Media; Infocomm Security Management; Information Technology; Music & Audio Technology; and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics.
Source: May Issue of SP Playworks magazine (Pages 184 – 185).