Thursday, February 21, 2013

AIRRAID4 - Asia's Premier IT-Security Tournament (Updates)

Now in its fourth edition, the AIRRAID format has evolved from a pure wireless-security-focused event into a CHALLENGING STORYLINE-BASED MULTIPATH WIRELESS, WIRED & APPLICATION PENETRATION-TESTING game setup where teams of contenders (and pretenders) test their skills against an INTEGRATED PURPOSE-BUILT MULTI-SEGMENT ENTERPRISE-CLASS WIRELESS + WIRED NETWORK + WEB/APPLICATION SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE, exactly the type of infrastructure like what you find in real-world organizations!

The top 3 highest-scoring teams at the end of the tournament will win the following prizes which have been kindly sponsored by DragonVenture Singapore :

1st Place Team :
2nd Place Team :
3rd Place Team :

Team registration is FREE!

Just gather your friends or colleagues, come up with a catchy team name, accept the game terms & conditions and register here! (min of 1 person per team, max 4 pax per team)

Register Your Team Here

Registration ends: 1 MARCH 2013 @ 2359hrs GMT+8

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