Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Honeynet Project at Singapore Polytechnic

We have been part of the Honeynet Singapore Chapter since 2009. The purpose of the project is to collect information through deployed honeynet sensors. It helps us to better understanding the attack patterns on the Internet.

SO WHAT IS A HONEYNET?  A honeynet is a vulnerable and simulated computer network using a decoy server designed to test network security. Honeynets are developed in order to help computer security experts to improve security for networks and systems. Although it may appear to a hacker as a legitimate network, it is actually hosted on a single server. By design, honeynets are not authorized for any authentic uses. If a honeynet is accessed, a fair assumption is that the person accessing it is a hacker. (Source: techopedia.com)
The HoneyMap shows a real-time visualization of attacks against the Honeynet Project's sensors deployed around the world. It leverages on the internal data sharing protocol as its data source from all the sensors.
To view the real-time world map, please visit map.honeynet.org!

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