Monday, February 11, 2013

Completion of NUS Poly Preparatory Programme

We are glad to see that DISM graduating student Fong Jia Sheng has successfully completed his Information Security Specialisation Preparatory Programme in NUS! 

He has done and scored a 4+ Cumulative Average Point (CAP) for the two modules namely MA1301 Introductory Mathematics (4MCs) and CS1020 Data Structures and Algorithms I (4MCs) which he took together with university students over the past year. 

He will be joining the 5 seniors from DISM, including Priscilla NgCheah Kit WengZander Chai, Nicholas Toh and Tiong Jia Ming in the pursuit of a degree of Bachelor of Computing from School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS). 

Nicely done JS! Keep up your good work and hopefully also share with our similary interested juniors on your learning experience.

Fong Jia Sheng in front of School of Computing, NUS

The Information Security Specialisation Preparatory Programme is open to students pursuing a diploma in information security related studies at local Polytechnics and who meet the admission requirements of this preparatory programme. 
This programme aims at nurturing talented students with firm computing foundations and competent IT skills so as to contribute to the development and management of infocomm security.
Polytechnic students selected by the polytechnics for the programme and meet the criteria for progression will gain admission into the School of Computing at NUS to pursue Bachelor of Computing (BComp) in Computer Science, Information Systems or Electronic Commerce with a specialisation in Information Security. 
The students will be conferred an infocomm security diploma upon graduating from their polytechnics. They will be conferred a BComp degree with Information Security Specialisation upon graduating from NUS. 

Extracted from NUS Introduction :  

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