Sunday, June 12, 2011

Python Conference

From 9th to 11st June, two of our DISM students Jeremy Heng and Xu Dong attended as student guests the Python Conference 2011 in Asia-Pacific region held in Republic Polytechnic, courtesy of Python User Group (Singapore), otherwise known as PUGS.

Python is a general purpose, powerful object-oriented programming language. Used by large, multi-national and successful organizations such as Google, NASA, Honeywell and Rackspace, the language - while not considered as "mainstream" as web scripting languages like PHP - has a unique position for Organizations keen on using it for developing, maintaining and scaling Enterprise Class Applications. [extracted from PUGS' facebook]

Some of the talks and sessions the students attended include:
- Scientific Computing with Python
- Writing Great Documentation
- Introducing to Packrat Parsing for PEGs
- Python - The RP Experience
- Using RPython for 3D Gaming in Android 2.3+
- State of CPython and Python Ecosystem
- Python Programming on Android
- Hosting Python Web Applications
- Insane Django Testing
and many more.

After the conference, the students mentioned that "It is truly an enriching and fruitful experience... We are earnestly looking forward to the PyCon APAC 2012!"

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