Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CyberWellness Team Bonding Day

The SP DMIT CyberWellness Team comprises of students mostly from Diploma in Infocomm Security Management and other courses such as Diploma in Information Technology and Diploma in Business Information Technology.

The team aims to promote using Internet in a safe manner and raise cyber wellness awareness among students. Over the years our students have conducted talks in various secondary schools during occasions like school assembly and they have received much positive feedback. Some of the topics covered are: Social Engineering, Cyber Bullying, Internet Addiction and Copyright Protection.

On the 21st of June, senior students from year 3 as well as new team members in year 1 and 2 came together for the bonding day. During the session, junior members each delivered a short presentation on a cyber safety related topic, and then experienced presenters commented on them and also shared many tips in giving a good presentation. Later on, they played a game designed to practice one's communication skill through verbal and body language.

We hope in the time to come, the new members can smoothly take over from the seniors and bring the Singapore Polytechnic CyberWellness team to a whole new level!

Watching a video for the icebreaker game

New members drafting out their mind maps

Presenting for their very first time on Cyber Wellness

Listening attentively to seniors sharing their experience

Everyone committed to their task in the game

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