Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eGov Exhibition

eGov Global Exchange 2011 is held concurrently with CommunicAsia2011 and EnterpriseIT2011, Asia's largest and most comprehensive ICT event. This dedicated 5-day event, consisting of eGov Forum, Exhibition and Site Visits, will be held from 20 – 24 Jun 2011 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. [from egovexchange.com]

On the afternoon of June 22nd, two of year 3 DISM students Jonathan Lee and Tiong Jia Ming took part in eGov exhibition. They together with another senior student Nicholas Toh developed an web utility named e-Oasis, which is one of the Showcase Applications done by students or start-up companies for data.gov.sg.

Tiong Jia Ming Jonathan Lee

data.gov.sg is the first stop portal to discover publicly-available government data, where people can access more than 5000 publicly-available datasets from 50 public agencies, tap into selected datasets to create applications or conduct research, and look for interesting applications developed using government data. [from app.mof.gov.sg]

Getting the web application ready for demostration.

Students presenting on the functionalities of e-Oasis.

e-Oasis is a web-based application that creates a borderless learning environment where educators, students and public can contribute resources or provide solutions to a particular subject matter. Information of local institutions such as courses, admission cut-off points and schools' strengths is integrated with OneMap for easy viewing. [from app.mof.gov.sg]

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