Monday, November 27, 2017

An ITE graduate's story

“I knew then my career would involve defeating cybercrimes.”

Marcus Tan
But it wasn’t until Tan became a student at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) that he got to work on cybersecurity-related incidents. By then, he was hooked.

After he graduated from ITE, he took up programming during his National Service stint. Two years later, he applied for the Singtel Cyber Cadet Scholarship program to cover his studies in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) at Singapore Polytechnic.

"ITE was instrumental in building my strong basics, [enabling] me to relate to different cybersecurity technologies. Through the education at Singapore Polytechnic, I was exposed to industry partners, which widened my knowledge of cybersecurity,” he says.

Today, Tan is a cybersecurity associate consultant at Singtel.

Our DISM graduate, Marcus Tan, was featured in the article by www.techinasia.com.

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