Saturday, January 10, 2015

DISM Course Counselling @ SPCC

Do you have a burning question about Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) S54, poly education, further education or career choices open to you after O levels?

Visit the SP Convention Centre (SPCC) and talk to our friendly lecturers and student counsellors who will be most delighted to advise you.

What are the questions you should be asking:

- Scholarships available to course students (NS: Not school level but course level. Take note of the newly announced Singtel Cyber Security Cadet Programme).
- Scholars in the course (NS: Not poly/school level but course level), such as the Integrated Infocomm Scholarships and National Infocomm Scholarships.
- Availability of learning facilities (NS: SP is the FIRST institute of higher learning to setup Cyber Wargame Centre)
- Continuing Education and Training (NS: SP is the FIRST institute of higher learning to setup Cyber Security Academy)
- Last aggregate score of the course (NS: Lower last aggregate score means better students in the cohort)
- Qualification and experience of lecturers (NS: IT security-related certifications that they hold)
- Advanced standing with universities (NS: Not school level but course level)
- Cohort success rate (NS: Complete the course within the stipulated 3 year duration).
- Progression rate to universities (NS: How many students go to universities)
- IT security-related professional certifications for students (NS: Should be IT security-related and not other general networking certifications)

Giving you one example, in year 2010, SP was awarded 16 Integrated Infocomm Scholarships representing 50% of total number of scholarships awarded by iDA to all 5 polytechnics' students. Among the 16 scholarships, 6 of the recipients were DISM students. This number is at course level and not school/poly level.

If you are a high-achiever, consider a course with a lower last aggregate score. In year 2013, DISM has a last aggregate score of 13. With a lower last aggregate point, the learning experience will be more stimulating and exciting because you know the the course will offer you the best potential, scope and knowledge. It also stretches you and your talent which eventually will offer you many open doors to move on to the next milestone.

So don't hesitate, choose Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) S54 as your FIRST CHOICE now.

If you have further questions, you can talk to our friendly lecturers and student counsellors during the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) at SP Convention Centre (SPCC).


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  3. DISM Course Counselling is very important for the teacher and students both of them because the teacher gives the information and advice them about the career and educations. The teacher helps great post to read them for the selection of the subjects of different professions.