Thursday, July 24, 2014

Failing Forward Student Workshop Run #2

The first session of the Failing Forward Student Workshop Run #2 was conducted on Wednesday afternoon, 23 July 2014 at the SPACE Cube @ The Agency. We saw students coming from the 3 schools in BIH cluster came together to learn about the topic of resiliency.

These students started the programme by making a paper plane. This was an interesting exercise for the students to kick-start the programme. In a group of two, the students needed to make a paper plane using one quarter of an A4 size paper. The process required the students to work very closely and attempt to fly the paper plane with a distance of greater than 3 metres. It seemed easy but not all students succeeded with one single attempt but multiple attempts. The morale of the story was to encourage the students to keep trying till they succeed, i.e., with perseverance.

It's your turn to fold the paper plane.
Please show me how to do it!
Let me try flying the plane...
Even when I am sitting, my paper plane can fly....
Let it fly... up.. up.. and.. away........
It's my turn now..
Me too... let it go...
 Like those students in the first run of the programme, they were also required to balance an egg with end. Students were anxious to try on the balancing act but struggle very hard to make it with a success.
I told you I can do it, didn't I.
We are trying....
One of the workshop facilitator,
Mr Adrian Aw Yong from School of Business.
Steady lah!!!
Students participated in the programme had learnt about the concept of failing forward. We hope the programme will the students to develop a positive attitude and proactive view (“dare to try” mindset) to foster resilient lifelong learning.
Differentiating Fact of Life vs Problem.
Students from the BIH cluster.
Miss Chan Li Mei, School of CASS, conducting a
mini-lecture during the workshop.
These students enjoyed the workshop and hopefully they were able to take away some learning points through the workshop. Happy learning!!!

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