Thursday, July 10, 2014

Failing Forward Student Workshop Run #1

The first session of the Failing Forward Student Workshop Run #1 was conducted on Wednesday afternoon, 9 July 2014 at the SPACE Cube @ The Agency. This is a BIH cluster initiative to teach students on the topic of resiliency.

The programme aims to provide learners with the key understandings of the perception of failure and necessary skills to respond to failure. The programme will initially make students aware of how people generally respond to “fear of failing”, the important traits of achieving people, key factors influencing their ways of responding to failure (e.g. personal traits, individual dispositional attributes, emotions, mindset, environment, etc.) and how to overcome failure to fail forward successfully.

Learners will then learn a range of specific strategies and techniques to enhance their thinking and learning through reflective practice, manage their emotions and develop a positive attitude and proactive view (“dare to try” mindset) to foster resilient lifelong learning.

We hope that the students will reap the benefits by attending the workshop and inculcate the "dare to try" spirit in them so that they are able to equip themselves with the skillset to failing forward successfully.

Let's get started.
Thinking hard?
How to make an egg stand on end?
I am holding it with my finger, am I smart?
Yes, I did it.
Me too!!!
A sense of victory.
Let's write our ideas on the wall.....

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