Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sharing Session on SCC and HITB CTF with Year 2s

On the morning of 29th Oct, a number of students who took part in the Singapore Cyber Conquest 2012 (GovernmentWare 2012) and Fallout Apocalypse (Hack In The Box) Capture The Flag competitions joined about 60 year 2s DISM students and shared about their enriching experience and learning journey (details of which can be found in our previous blog entries).

From left to right: Edmund Teo, Jeremy Heng, Ku Wee Kiat, Nikolas Tay and Amadeus Tan

During the Ethical Hacking and Defense class, year 1 student Nikolas Tay first talked about how he tackled the various puzzles in his debut attempt, and then Jeremy Heng and Ku Wee Kiat presented on the nuclear-warfare-themed game setup and finally year 3 student Amadeus Tan shared with everyone on how collaboration between teams proved to be crucial.

After the session in the morning, some of the year 2s showed abundant interest and engaged in an extensive conversion with year 3 seniors on an IRC channel. Let us hope more and more DISM students join force and achieve greater heights in their future endeavors!

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