Monday, October 8, 2012

DMIT Day a hit with staff

7 Oct 2012. Bonding was the name of the game at this year’s DMIT Day. But it was bonding with a big twist. Staff from the School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology (DMIT) gained much insight into their colleagues’ work and lives during the one-day retreat.

The day started with a game of Human Bingo, before the staff took part in a series of workshops. They got to learn more about the courses taught by other colleagues and to explore two new facilities in DMIT – the Media, Arts & Design (M.A.D.) Studios and the Cyber War Game Centre during the day.

Cyber War Gaming workshop: At one of DMIT’s new facilities, the Cyber War Game Centre, staff are exposed to scenario-based learning methodology through the use of offensive, defensive and investigative skills. Examples include being able to detect security breaches in cyberspace and to track down the perpetrator.

“Besides creating opportunities for staff to bond, we also made use of DMIT Day this year to let staff be updated with the latest developments in the School and in technology. This also prepares them to be familiar with other courses offered by the school for future course promotion and Open House,” explained Senior Lecturer Mdm Quek Nguan Tuan, one of the members of the organising committee for the retreat.

Christian James Sethmohan, a Senior Lecturer, said of the activities organised: “I think it is refreshing and insightful for each staff to know what other staff are doing so as to create an environment of learning and appreciation of each other.”

“I really enjoyed getting to work hand-in-hand with staff whom I do not normally work with and getting to see and hear about the passionate things they are involved in,” he added.

As for Senior Lecturer Ms Magdalene Lim, she said: “I feel that this year’s DMIT Day is a good change as I have always wanted to learn more about the other diplomas offered by DMIT. Even before this, I was very tempted to sit in for a class in modules such as drawing, photography and sculpting.”

“There was definitely a lot of bonding as the day went on as we laughed over each other’s handiwork during the sculpting workshop and cracked our brains to solve security challenges during the cyber war gaming session,” said Magdalene.

Reprint from Singapore Polytechnic's Web Site.

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