Saturday, December 4, 2010

DISM Guest Lecture/Seminar

3 Dec 2010. DMIT hosted a guest lecture/seminar at LT17B for all our DISM students. Our guest speaker, Mr Julian Ho, Director/Co-founder of ThinkSECURE, presented a very interesting topic on wireless security. Coupled with a live demonstration on how a hacker can possibly gain access to certain profile information for penetrating into a wireless network, it was important to spread the message of safe computing to all the users with wireless network access.

The session was very informative with many interesting penetration testing tools for wireless network being shown to the DISM students. This surely had stirred the keen interests of the students who wanted to learn more about wireless network security. All the students enjoyed the session and hoped to have more of such type of action-filled seminars in the future.

Mr Ho also took the opportunity to announce the inclusion of the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® (OSWA™) course with the academic partnership between SP and ThinkSECURE. Our students would have the opportunity to sign up for this professional certification course, the one and only polytechnic in Singapore to have such offer.

About OSWA
OSWA is an international wireless auditing and pentesting certification course which focuses specifically on providing IT professionals with the technical knowledge and skills of how to practically and technically conduct and execute wireless security audits & penetration tests against both wireless infrastructures and wireless clients.

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