Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Reasons to Choose SP

1) Choice Courses
We've got a wide range of courses to suit your needs and interests - 49, to be exact - including new ones being offered for the first time in the new academic year.
2) Fun CCAs
Boredom's got no room in your life when there're more than 90 student clubs and a host of exiting activities for your to take part in.
3) Happening Campus Life
Six food courts, a range of sports and leisure facilities, and the Student Hub@Moberly; no wonder SP students are always on campus.
4) Well-Recognised Qualifications
Many of our graduates have found that an SP Diploma opens the door to further studies at universities both local and foreign. You too can join their ranks.
5) Good Job Prospects
Three words: Industrial Training Programme. Hands-on practical experience is built into our courses so you can enter the job markets as a skilled employee.
6) Outstanding Facilities
"State-of-the-art" and "industry-standard" often come up when people talk about our learning facilities and resources. We like. You would too.
7) Caring and Helpful Lecturers
No kidding! They're experienced and highly qualified too: 60% have a Master's or PhD.
8) Invaluable Overseas Experience
Austria, Canada, China, Egypt, France - just a handful of the countries where our students have been in the past year. Where've you been lately?
9) Affordable Education
Money's not a big worry. Not with our range of financial assistance options, llike tuition grants and study loans. You could also pick up a bursary or a scholarship!
10) Unwavering Dedication to Excellence
Show us what you're made. And we'll show you how to stretch yourself further so you can reach higher.

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