Friday, July 16, 2010

Cyber-Wellness Talk @ St. Patrick's School

16 Jul 2010. Our students conducted the Cyber-Wellness talk at St. Patrick's School. They covered topics such as cyber-bullying, internet addiction, social engineering and conducted a wireless security with 'live' demonstration. The main aim of the talk was to educate young internet users and to promote a culture of safe and responsible use.

The cyber-wellness talk event was definitely a great success. The overall responds were very good and positive. Students were impressed upon the message of safe computing environment as well as witnessed a "live" wireless exploits and demonstration.

"Thank you and your boys for spending time with us. The knowledge imparted to the kids are definitely relevant and useful to them. It is good that they get a chance to her it from someone close to their age. It gives the message a new breath. Not to mention the good examples sited throughout the talks by each one of your students", said Mr Syed Salleh, HOD ICT & MRL.

The credits went to the students who presented at the event as well as the lecturer-in-charge, Mr. Ho Chee Meng. We also wanted to record our thanks to the teacher-in-charge, Mr Syed Salleh, for coordinating the event and granted us an opportunity to share the cyber-wellness message with the students.

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