Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Polytechnics cast wider net for students - asia.com.sg

POLYTECHNICS are expecting more students to apply via the new Early Admissions Exercise (EAE), which allows them to secure places in diploma programmes through course-specific talents and interests rather than just academic grades.

A higher proportion of polytechnic places has been set aside for these students next year under the EAE, which begins taking in applications today.

Polytechnics said a range of education and career guidance activities, such as talks and programmes in schools as well as seminars for parents, may have contributed to the strong interest.

The EAE, which gives polytechnics greater flexibility to choose students on criteria other than the O-level examination results, can admit up to 12.5 per cent of the intake.

For more details, please visit this URL.

For SP's Early Admission Exercise, please visit this URL.


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