Monday, May 16, 2016

Meet The Parents of our DISM Year 1 students

Director of DMIT met up with some of the year 1 parents of our DMIT students during our annual Meet The Parents (MTP) on the evening of 12th of May 2016.

The Chairperson in charge of DISM also got a chance to share with parents of our DISM Year 1 students on important matters pertaining the course, including course aims, our unique attendance taking system, the many scholarship choices for our students, and the importance of CCA.

He also shared a bit about our DISM facilities like the Cyber Wargame Center where the sharing was held.

After which the DISM Course Management Team (CMT) got a chance to meet with the parents to address any concerns. It was heart-warming to see so many concerned parents taking keen interest in their children's poly life here! We look forward to seeing the parents again in the October run of MTP.

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