Thursday, January 28, 2016

JAE results and appeal

The JAE posting results will be today at 9.00 am by the Ministry of Education.  JAE applicants may check their posting results through the following channels:

·       MOE at http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/admissions/jae
·       SMS via applicant's mobile number (if provided during the JAE)

The JAE Appeals Exercise will be conducted from tomorrow, 29 Jan (Friday 9.00 am) to 02 Feb 2016 (Tuesday 4.00 pm).  This is an on-line appeals exercise conducted by the 5 polytechnics.  This Appeals Exercise is for applicants who had applied under the JAE and now wish to appeal for a change in course or were not successful in gaining a place in a polytechnic (not posted to any course).

The website, the appellants should login to is:     http://www.polytechnic.edu.sg/jaeappeal

Alternatively, these appellants may come down to SP to use our Internet service as we will be providing some notebooks for their use.

Event: JAE Appeals Exercise @ SP
Date: 29 Jan, 01 Feb and 2 Feb 2016 (Friday, Monday and Tuesday)
Venue: Auditorium Lounge (Level 2)
Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

The on-line appeal system will only allow appellants to appeal for courses for which they are eligible and meet the JAE ELR2B2.  Appellants may make up to 3 appeal choices.

Please note that if the appellant is successful in his JAE appeal, he will lose his original posting (by MOE).  Therefore he has to consider very carefully his appeal choices.  If however, he is not successful in his appeal, he will retain his original posting.

2016 JAE ELR2B2 (only available from 28 Jan)

The outcome of the appeal will available on 10 Feb 2016 (2.00 pm). 

Appellants will need to login again to the same website to check their outcome: http://www.polytechnic.edu.sg/jaeappeal

Thank you

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