Monday, December 28, 2015

Unique Learning Experience @ SP

Hands-on, real-world experience
SP provides facilities which simulate the real working environment. From agencies to animation studios, to laboratories to simulation centres, we have it all.

Students also gain real world experience with renowned companies during their industrial attachment programmes. Finally, they get to participate in local and overseas projects or competitions to broaden their experience.

Overseas Community Service
Community service projects engages students to imbue a heart of compassion to serve people and society. They have opportunities to join the Go Serve community which organizes local and overseas projects.

General education
GenEd modules broaden the learning experience. Students become aware of developments across multiple disciplines and develop keen perspective on local and global issues. They learn to form sharp, balanced critiques of past and current events and trends; forecast the revolutions of the future and articulate their views persuasively.

The design thinking approach to learning
SP is the first poly to adopt this pedagogy, which is now the rage in the west. Our students are trained to adopt a design perspective in their learning. We partner Rotman DesignWorks of the Rotman School of Management, Canada, one of the best business schools in the world, to incorporate Design Thinking into our curriculum.

Holistic development
With over 120 cca clubs, students can build an inner aspiration towards their passion in arts, music, sports or any other interests.

SP will be the first poly to implement a compulsory physical education programme where they can pick up activities such as swimming, golfing or even modern dance.

Sudents who excel and show great interest in their current courses are given the opportunity to take up additional modules to enhance their core learning. They will be rewarded with a certificate that will give them a competitive edge when they apply for further studies or look for work.

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