Thursday, November 19, 2015

DISM Graduate Daniel Hamid gives our students ideas how to kickstart a Pen-Test Career

On 18th November, our DISM graduate Daniel Hamid was invited to speak with our Year 2 students on their options how to kickstart a career in Penetration Testing. Daniel Hamid recently left Price Waterhouse Coopers after being head hunted by Ryan Baxendale of Centurion Information Security.

The main agenda would be for our students to:
•             Understand a few of the many different interesting roles/people in security
•             Have a career insight and what to expect if they aspire to be a Penetration Tester
•             Receive his compiled list of helpful online resources which aided him throughout the years
•             Be motivated in pursuing knowledge and activities outside of classroom such as CTFs
•             Know current possible routes and certifications to pursue after Diploma


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