Sunday, December 21, 2014

Launch of Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security Management

Specialist Diploma in CYBER SECURITY MANAGEMENT for working adults.

With the proliferation of computers and mobile devices, the need for security is rapidly gaining significance where confidential information and critical infrastructure face risks of being hacked. Malware, social engineering, infrastructure destruction, cyberterrorism, system and application exploits are threatening individuals and corporations daily. If these threats are not mitigated, there would be disastrous consequences.

Singapore government understands the importance of managing these security threats; hence announced the latest National Cyber Security Masterplan 2018 with one of the key areas of focus on growing the country’s pool of cyber security experts.

The new Specialist Diploma course in Cyber Security Management is designed to train working IT professionals in the important areas of cyber security in response to the Masterplan.

Course Objectives
The course is designed to teach students essential technical skills to secure computer and network resources and to handle cyber range exercises. Students will also learn how to apply the principles and practices of infocomm security management, and to carry out the forensics process in computers and mobile devices.

Suitable for
This course is suitable for working adults in the infocomm industry who wish to pick up specialised skills and knowledge in infocomm security.

Course Outline
This course consists of 2 post diploma certificates (PDCs). Each PDC comprises two modules and the details are as follows:

Semester One
PDC 1 Certificate in Infocomm Security and Defences

Module 1 - Infocomm Security and Network Essentials
Module 2 - Cyber Defence and Range Exercises

Semester Two
PDC2 Certificate in Security Incident Management
Module 3 - Digital Forensics and Investigation
Module 4 - Security Policy and Incident Management

Registration opening date:
12 Dec 2014

Registration Closing Date:
18 Jan 2015

Course Commencement:
20 Apr 2015

Class schedule:
3 evenings a week
7pm – 10pm

For more information on the Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security Management, please visit this URL.

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