Thursday, June 12, 2014

Singapore Polytechnic (EMOG) Forum 2014

4th June 2014. SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC (EMOG) FORUM 2014. SP Energy, Maritime, Oil & Gas Forum 2014 (Security and Talent Management) organised by SP PACE Academy.

It was a successful event and we saw participants from both public and private sectors came down to the Energy, Maritime, Oil & Gas (EMOG) Forum to exchange their valuable knowledge, learn from the discussions and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our partner, Mr Julian Ho of ThinkSECURE was one of the plenary speakers. He also conducted a workshop entitled, "Be Like Water: How Attackers Really Engage Modern ICS/SCADA Backend Systems." which brought the attendees through the execution details and provided a practical live demo of how such an attack may occur in organisation. It was very well-received by the attendees.

We hope to see another interesting live demo session by Mr Julian Ho to our DISM students. It will definitely enrich our students' learning experience.

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