Thursday, January 2, 2014

DISM Overseas ITP - New Zealand

From our DISM year-3 students, currently doing Overseas ITP in New Zealand.

"Hello, we are Ritchie, Jun Yuan, Han Yi and Qi Wei from DISM/FT/3B/02. We are currently in an overseas industrial training programme (OITP) at the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) in New Zealand.

Jun Yuan and Han Yi are working on setting up a software defined network which utilises OpenFlow. Ritchie and Qi Wei is helping on a client honeypot project known as YALIH. During our stay here, we are fortunate enough to have a 2 weeks break over Christmas. We were encouraged to seize the opportunity to tour around New Zealand. Therefore, we ventured down to South Island.

The first day of our trip didn’t went as expected. The weather wasn’t good so the flight had to transit at Invercargill followed by a 3 hour bus ride to Queenstown. Our first destination, Wanaka, is an hour bus ride from Queenstown. When we arrived at Wanaka, we were amazed by the scenery of Lake Wanaka but it was freezing cold even during summer.

Here are some of the pictures we took:

5:30am in Wellington outside hostel
At the summit of Mt. Iron in Wanaka after 1 hour 30 minutes of trekking.
DISM Year-3 students (L to R): Ritchie Lam,
Oh Han Yi, Chan Jun Yuan and Lai Qi Wei.
Puzzling World after Mt Iron.

After our South Island trip, we went north to Auckland in a 3 hours plane ride from Queenstown. We went on a 1 day guided tour to Waitomo and Rotorua. Waitomo is famous for its glow-worm caves which is unique only to Australia and New Zealand however we are not allowed to take photos during our boat ride in the cave.

Alpaca trying hard to be kangaroo.
Pohutu Geyser: view from Whakarewarewa thermal village.
 Sulfur too strong, humans too weak.
Overall, it was an awesome (kiwis love this word) experience touring around stepping on cow dung in farms and breathing in the smell of burning tires. We would like to thank both Singapore Polytechnic and VUW for this opportunity."

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