Friday, December 20, 2013

Opening Address of the Cyber Security Academy by Ms Jacqueline Poh, MD of IDA

A Secure Cyber Environment for A Better Quality of Life.

Opening Address by Ms Jacqueline Poh, Managing Director, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, at the Opening of the Cyber Security Academy,

"This underscores the importance of developing our cyber security human capital, which is a key thrust of the National Cyber Security Masterplan launched in July. Under the Masterplan, we will offer more scholarships to encourage students to specialise in cyber security and work with Singapore's IHLs to offer infocomm security courses and degree programmes. We also welcome initiatives from the educational and private sectors that will help Singapore increase its pool of cyber security professionals and upgrade their competencies to meet fast evolving challenges.

I am pleased, therefore to see this Cyber Security Academy take us a step forward toward this objective. First, it will cater to those new to the field, such as students and individuals seeking a mid-career change. Second, it will help upgrade the skills of existing cyber security professionals and third, it will hone the skills of companies' cyber security staff through cyber security exercises.

The Cyber Security Academy will be an important contributor towards nurturing more highly-skilled cyber security experts for Singapore and we hope it will inspire other initiatives in this field. But even as we strive to train more cyber security experts, this education must be accompanied by appropriate ethics instructions to ensure that they do not use their new-found skills for nefarious purposes. While many characteristics of the Internet can tempt you into thinking that it is a different sort of realm where different rules apply, Internet is far from being isolated from the physical world. In Singapore as in many countries, the authorities view computer misuse and cybercrime very seriously and hold perpetrators liable for real-world penalties."

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