Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Cyber Wargame Centre at DMIT

Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) students now enjoy an enhanced learning environment to train in dealing with real-world security scenarios, thanks to the setting up of the new Cyber Wargame Centre. It also offers a new learning approach.
SP Principal and CEO Mr Tan Choon Shian (left) greeting Mr Noel Hon, Chairman of e-Cop Group, a partner in the Cyber Wargame Centre initiative.

The learning space at the School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology, which was officially launched on 3 January, has the distinction of being the first such facility in a local tertiary education institution.

“Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and our youths are growing up in an information-rich, technology-driven world. This means that we have to adapt our traditional teaching methods to suit this new generation, or find new approaches in delivering our courses so that our students will find learning fun, relevant and engaging,” said SP Principal and CEO Mr Tan Choon Shian in his speech. “Hence, we created this Cyber Wargame Centre to train students from the DISM course, using Cyber Wargame scenarios.”

A hallmark of the centre is its Cyber Wargaming learning approach. In a departure from the previous approach to teaching security in a computer laboratory where students learn offensive, defensive and investigative skills in silos, the centre’s new scenario-based approach allows DISM students to find vulnerabilities of systems from an attacker’s perspective, and detect intrusions from the cyber defender’s perspective.

“We are an advocate of ‘learning-by-doing’ and we aim to create a realistic environment for SP students to acquire the operational and tactical engagement skills in responding to cyber threats,” said Mr Liew Chin Chuan, course manager of the Infocomm Security Management programme. “The new cyber wargame learning approach will also help students develop key soft skills of security professionals in the industry. These include effective teamwork, resourcefulness and ability to work under pressure.”

The centre developed in collaboration with key technology partners including e-Cop and ST Electronics.

The new centre comprises four learning spaces: Cyber Range; Cyberwatch Competency Centre; Malware Analysis Lab; and Forensics Investigation Lab, to train cyber defenders of tomorrow.

 (This is part of our ‘Campus Learning and Social Spaces’ series where we bring you the latest developments in the schools and departments regarding new centres, laboratories, staff facilities and such.)
Published by Dept of Corporate Communications, Singapore Polytechnic

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