Friday, August 10, 2012

Pizza and Game Get-together

On the afternoon of 8th August (Wednesday), some DISM students came together for the annual Pizza and Games Gathering, which has over the years become a tradition of the DISM course. This time the theme was "FFF" which stands for Full of Food and Fun.

Can anyone tell which game our friend here is playing?

What is that topic that seems to be so interesting?

Looks like someone has found a cozy corner ... with TV

The participating students who came from all walks of years enjoyed themselves playing games, among which was for example the popular masterpiece Dota2, on laptops as well as various Xbox games and the Xbox 360 sets provided by the school, while indulging themselves with the delicious pizzas and drinks delivered to the doorstep.

It was not just a bonding moment but also also n enriching experience. At the same time a few senior students shared with those interested juniors about our DISM Special Interest Group (SIG) and their involvement in numerous Capture The Flag competitions.

Hope more student would join and have fun in the Pizza and Games session next year!

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