Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DISM SIG Get-together Session

On the afternoon of June 13th, a group of students came back to school for DIS Special Interest Group (SIG) get-together session which was the first official meeting in the new semester, which was attended by a mixture of students from year 1, 2 and 3 as well as some lecturers.

During the meeting course manager Mr Liew Chin Chuan and SIG senior members introduced SIG and ISACA Student Chapter to junior students and also explained on the objectives as well as what activities are entailed by each.

All meeting participant also took the opportunity to briefly introduced themselves one by one so as to get acquainted with and know each other better.

A brief feedback exercise was then conducted regarding the ongoing DISM CTF, followed by the announcement of the upcoming ISACA Day.

Some year 2 attendees raised a few questions regarding one of their current modules and final year students in response shared about how they learned with online tutorials and how they tackled assignments in the past.

At the later part of the meeting there was the debrief of the CDDC which took place last week. Each of the three participating team sent 2 representatives to talk on their learning journey, decision making and individual feelings.

A few short surveys on the Hack In The Box (HITB) KL and AIRRAID 4 Capture The Flag (CTF) tournaments that are taking place in the next few months were made towards the end.

The meeting started from 1pm and lasted for approximately 3 hours. It was in overall quite a significant and fruitful session. Some junior students expressed their interest to join SIG on the spot. Before long we might be delighted to see some new blood.

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