Tuesday, May 22, 2012

e-Cop Networking & Recruitment Session

On Friday 18th of May, a group of DISM graduates as well as current students attended the networking and recruitment session at the headquarter office of e-Cop Pte Ltd. Members of the company's senior management team including Chief Executive Officer Mr Walter Lee and Singapore General Manager Mr Edwin Lim chaired and facilitated the session which lasted for over two hours.

e-Cop is the trusted partner for managed risk and information security services to enterprises, and governments. It offers a comprehensive suite of services to identify and deal effectively with threats and risks related to information security management. These services include Managed Security Services, Technology Consulting Services, and Professional Security Services. 
Widely hailed as an innovative and leading information security industry bluechip , e-Cop operates and maintains several Security Operations Centres (SOC) around the world. All of which are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and powered by its highly advanced, award-winning security event correlation technology developed internally by its R&D team. 
e-Cop’s sedulous commitment to deliver a multi-pronged integrated suite of Professional Security Services and Technology Consultancy Services has earned itself numerous accolades as the industry’s leader. Our clients tell us that they value the vision, leadership, and customised services and solutions that we bring to our projects. Entrusting their information security management needs in the hands of e-Cop allows them to focus on what they do best and respond to the market faster.
[ Extracted from: http://www.e-cop.net ]

 During the session Mr. Lee and Mr. Lim together with staff representative from respective department introduced about e-Cop's business direction and operation activities, interacted with the DISM students (and graduates) while clarifying on some of the doubts they had, and also showed the visitors a brief tour in the outer rings of their headquarter. 

Towards the end e-Cop management extended a warm welcome to DISM graduates who would like to join them. On the other hand students also commented it was a really fruitful and eye-opening session. Some also hoped that there could be more of such activities organized in future. Given the positive feedback, we have no reason to believe otherwise. Stay tuned to our DISM blog!

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