Thursday, March 22, 2012

NUS-Poly Prep Programme

22 Mar 2012. Congratulations to our DISM graduating students: Zander Chai, Nicholas Toh and Tiong Jia Ming, for successfully completed the NUS-Poly Prep Programme. They will be given discretionary admission to the Bachelor of Computing degree at National University of Singapore (NUS).
The criteria for this programme are :
  1. Obtain < 10 points for O-Levels (after CCA bonus points);
  2. Get at least A2 grade for both E Maths and A Maths;
  3. Maintain a min of 3.7 cumulative GPA in SP; and
  4. Achieve at least B+ for two NUS modules.
Other DISM graduates who have successfully completed this Programme are Cheah Kit Weng and Priscilla Ng.

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