Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mozilla Capture The Flag Challenge 2012

In the recently concluded 2012 Mozilla Capture The Flag (CTF) international open challenge (http://mozillactf.org), our very own team "Narwhals" managed to clinch 34th position out of 200 plus registered teams.

Why is there a Mozilla CTF?

Our aims are currently twofold: First, we want to show less experienced people that CTFs are fun and security is not a secret conspiracy thing you will never understand. Second, we would like to engage experienced security folks into Mozilla and raise awareness for our bug bounty program. [MozillaWiki]

Our team was also the first one to solve challenge number 9 "Spark - Hail Atlantean!" earning 250 basic points. It is reflected in the scoreboard below with golden color text as well as 3 additional reward points.

The final scoreboard at the end of the competition

The DISM teams "Narwhals" comprises of Barnabus Tan, Chi Kok Pin (DIT), Jeremy Heng, Ku Wee Kiat and Suhaimi Rosli.

Well done boys! Keep it up!

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