Friday, March 18, 2011

AEM - Hillgrove Secondary School.

18 Mar 2011. Twenty secondary school students from Hillgrove Secondary School attended a five-day course at the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT). The course entitled as "Fundamentals of Infocomm Security", gave students an overview of infocomm security and how one can protect and strengthen a system with various applications. Students were coached to identify system vulnerabilities and threats such as malware and trojan horses and how to prevent viruses from spreading.

Group photograph of Hillgrove Secondary School

It was an interesting learning journey as students learnt many topics ranging from classical security objectives, physical security, firewall,wireless security, etc. Students were required to perform a literature research and to present their findings at the end of the course. Overall, it was quite an exciting learning experience and students enjoyed the polytechnic's learning environment.

Lesson in the Infocomm Secuirty Lab
Students working on the practical exercises.

Students doing a literature search on the Internet.
Discussion in the Business IT Lab.

Year-1 student briefing the secondary school students at the Game Development Lab.

It's lunch time.

Yummy yummy!!!

The secondary students being served.

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