Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Final Year Project Sharing: Twitter Study

Project Title: Twitter Study
Categories: Twitter study, data mining and data analysis
Students: Gangadevi Balakrishnan (Team Leader), Siti Norfaeqah Binte Powzan, Angie Ng Chu Yi and Kok June Mun Derek

Synopsis: The purpose of the project is to develop a twitter client program and also conduct a security investigation on the twitter platform. A c# program that interacts with the twitter platform to gather and store tweets will be developed. Furthermore, a security investigation will be conducted on twitter and the findings will be shared as a report.

Aim: The aim of the project is to create a command console using Microsoft visual studios. Users will be using various commands to interact with the console. The information that is gathered using the program will be displayed on a website. This website acts as a form of interface and users can browse through the downloaded information.
Objectives of the Project:
  • Bring a group of interesting people into one common platform and share their topics of interest
  • Facilitate the study of trends and favourite topics among these people
  • Promote investigation and the use of data analysis 
    (From L to R) Derek, Gangadevi (Team Leader), Siti and Angie
“The entire process of completing this project was a very interesting and fruitful experience. Apart from learning a new programming language and gaining a better understanding of the twitter API, I have also learnt about the value of teamwork. Without my team’s cooperation and encouragement, completing this project would have been a very difficult task.” said Gangadevi, student leader of the project.
Another student, Fae said, "Inexperienced in doing project involving clients, FYP has been an enriching journey for me. Working closely with my teammates had also been a great experience. I gained much more from this than I ever thought I would. I have learnt more about web designing and database. I faced some difficulties while I was trying to display the tweets on the webpage, but I overcame these problems with the help from my team mates and supervisors."

For Angie, it was entirely a different experience, she said, "The past 6 months has been an amazing journey working with my teammates and with the client's organization. Learning a new programming language on our own was not an easy task since we had other modules.Being a twitter user, I've learnt the importance of security in Twitter, and also to think twice before I post any information or click on any links. It was an awesome experience overall."

"I have picked up a few things from FYP such as oAuth and C# programming, which are not taught in school. I have also realised what we learn in school is nothing but the tip of an iceberg. It was a bit difficult as it was our first time developing something we don't even have any knowledge about, but with enough time we managed to pick up the basics and developed from there. Overall, it has been fruitful as we learned something new and have been able to make a practical proof-of-concept." said Derek.

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