Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eGov Exhibition

eGov Global Exchange 2011 is held concurrently with CommunicAsia2011 and EnterpriseIT2011, Asia's largest and most comprehensive ICT event. This dedicated 5-day event, consisting of eGov Forum, Exhibition and Site Visits, will be held from 20 – 24 Jun 2011 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. [from egovexchange.com]

On the afternoon of June 22nd, two of year 3 DISM students Jonathan Lee and Tiong Jia Ming took part in eGov exhibition. They together with another senior student Nicholas Toh developed an web utility named e-Oasis, which is one of the Showcase Applications done by students or start-up companies for data.gov.sg.

Tiong Jia Ming Jonathan Lee

data.gov.sg is the first stop portal to discover publicly-available government data, where people can access more than 5000 publicly-available datasets from 50 public agencies, tap into selected datasets to create applications or conduct research, and look for interesting applications developed using government data. [from app.mof.gov.sg]

Getting the web application ready for demostration.

Students presenting on the functionalities of e-Oasis.

e-Oasis is a web-based application that creates a borderless learning environment where educators, students and public can contribute resources or provide solutions to a particular subject matter. Information of local institutions such as courses, admission cut-off points and schools' strengths is integrated with OneMap for easy viewing. [from app.mof.gov.sg]

CyberWellness Team Bonding Day

The SP DMIT CyberWellness Team comprises of students mostly from Diploma in Infocomm Security Management and other courses such as Diploma in Information Technology and Diploma in Business Information Technology.

The team aims to promote using Internet in a safe manner and raise cyber wellness awareness among students. Over the years our students have conducted talks in various secondary schools during occasions like school assembly and they have received much positive feedback. Some of the topics covered are: Social Engineering, Cyber Bullying, Internet Addiction and Copyright Protection.

On the 21st of June, senior students from year 3 as well as new team members in year 1 and 2 came together for the bonding day. During the session, junior members each delivered a short presentation on a cyber safety related topic, and then experienced presenters commented on them and also shared many tips in giving a good presentation. Later on, they played a game designed to practice one's communication skill through verbal and body language.

We hope in the time to come, the new members can smoothly take over from the seniors and bring the Singapore Polytechnic CyberWellness team to a whole new level!

Watching a video for the icebreaker game

New members drafting out their mind maps

Presenting for their very first time on Cyber Wellness

Listening attentively to seniors sharing their experience

Everyone committed to their task in the game

Monday, June 20, 2011

CEH Exam - Jun 2011

20 Jun 2011. This afternoon, eight DISM students took the Cetified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam and passed the exam.Congratulations to the following students:


Well done, DISM students!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Python Conference

From 9th to 11st June, two of our DISM students Jeremy Heng and Xu Dong attended as student guests the Python Conference 2011 in Asia-Pacific region held in Republic Polytechnic, courtesy of Python User Group (Singapore), otherwise known as PUGS.

Python is a general purpose, powerful object-oriented programming language. Used by large, multi-national and successful organizations such as Google, NASA, Honeywell and Rackspace, the language - while not considered as "mainstream" as web scripting languages like PHP - has a unique position for Organizations keen on using it for developing, maintaining and scaling Enterprise Class Applications. [extracted from PUGS' facebook]

Some of the talks and sessions the students attended include:
- Scientific Computing with Python
- Writing Great Documentation
- Introducing to Packrat Parsing for PEGs
- Python - The RP Experience
- Using RPython for 3D Gaming in Android 2.3+
- State of CPython and Python Ecosystem
- Python Programming on Android
- Hosting Python Web Applications
- Insane Django Testing
and many more.

After the conference, the students mentioned that "It is truly an enriching and fruitful experience... We are earnestly looking forward to the PyCon APAC 2012!"