Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DISM Graduation Ceremony 2012

23rd May 2012.

A big day. A happy day.

38 DISM students graduated with pride.

Warmest congratulations to the DISM graduating class of 2012! Graduation sees the culmination of your hard work and marks the point where you leave SP to make your spot in the world. Wish all of the DISM graduands every success in their future endeavours! [Lecturer Mr Samson Yeow]

The ceremony in the evening was filled with smile of accomplishment and even tears of joy. It is bound to be an unforgettable night to many. Current DISM students also joined in, took photos together and bidded farewell to seniors. To quote one of the final year students Xu Dong: "y'all will be missed! =)"

Group photo of one graduating class
with lecturers Ms Lim and Mr Liew

Ng Zi Kai and Nicholas Toh Zuan Jie, DISM SIG's worthy leaders

The gold medalist of the cohort, Wong Hao Wen

The 3 musketeers, Lee MingZe, Yap Yao Ming and Yan Chan Ming Oo

Huang Yihan, Christopher Chan, Tiong Jia Ming
Gary Yong and Lee MingZe

From left to right: Barnabus Tan Sheng En
Leonard Leow Boon HengYap Yao MingMax Chee Hong Kun
Lim Jun HongMuhd Muhiyuddin AlimunNg Zi Kai
Yan Chan Ming Oo and Pravin Lokarajan

The 3-year journey of friendship:
Ng Beeyi, Goh SiowYing and Cheryl Koh

All 38 DISM graduates in the 2012 batch

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 DISM Graduand Award

Graduand awarded Gold Medal

Graduand awarded Silver Medal

Graduands awarded Diploma with Merit

Congratulations to the five graduands. Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

e-Cop Networking & Recruitment Session

On Friday 18th of May, a group of DISM graduates as well as current students attended the networking and recruitment session at the headquarter office of e-Cop Pte Ltd. Members of the company's senior management team including Chief Executive Officer Mr Walter Lee and Singapore General Manager Mr Edwin Lim chaired and facilitated the session which lasted for over two hours.

e-Cop is the trusted partner for managed risk and information security services to enterprises, and governments. It offers a comprehensive suite of services to identify and deal effectively with threats and risks related to information security management. These services include Managed Security Services, Technology Consulting Services, and Professional Security Services. 
Widely hailed as an innovative and leading information security industry bluechip , e-Cop operates and maintains several Security Operations Centres (SOC) around the world. All of which are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and powered by its highly advanced, award-winning security event correlation technology developed internally by its R&D team. 
e-Cop’s sedulous commitment to deliver a multi-pronged integrated suite of Professional Security Services and Technology Consultancy Services has earned itself numerous accolades as the industry’s leader. Our clients tell us that they value the vision, leadership, and customised services and solutions that we bring to our projects. Entrusting their information security management needs in the hands of e-Cop allows them to focus on what they do best and respond to the market faster.
[ Extracted from: http://www.e-cop.net ]

 During the session Mr. Lee and Mr. Lim together with staff representative from respective department introduced about e-Cop's business direction and operation activities, interacted with the DISM students (and graduates) while clarifying on some of the doubts they had, and also showed the visitors a brief tour in the outer rings of their headquarter. 

Towards the end e-Cop management extended a warm welcome to DISM graduates who would like to join them. On the other hand students also commented it was a really fruitful and eye-opening session. Some also hoped that there could be more of such activities organized in future. Given the positive feedback, we have no reason to believe otherwise. Stay tuned to our DISM blog!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OSSA and OSWA Certification

Yet another batch of DISM students have completed the ThinkSECURE-accredited Organizational Systems Security Analyst® (OSSA™) and Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® (OSWA™) course, subsequently passed the respective practical examination and successfully attained the highly sought-after professional certification over the past few months.

http://securitystartshere.org/page-training-ossa.htm ]

The following 37 DISM students are now officially OSSA™ certified:
Adi Kesava Das
Alvin Lau
Amadeus Tan
Benedict Markus Thia
Benjamin Low
Chan Jian Hui
Christopher Lim
Chua Wei Kiat
Danny Boey
Darryl Sw
Derek Kok
Edmund Tang
Edmund Teo
Edward Liew
Eldric Lim
Fong Jia Sheng
Gerald Tan
Goh Kee Chin
James Ling
Jeremy Heng
Kaw Wen Bin
Kevin Chee
Ku Wee Kiat
Lim Jun Liang
Lin Zi Ying
Loon Ngai Fong
Maverick Yong
Mohamed Ajimal
Muhammad Hafiz
Ng Aik Sheng
Ng Choon Heng
Phua Kin Wee
Samuel Leong
Siti Norfaeqah
Tan Jun Xiang
Yang Xudong

 [ http://securitystartshere.org/page-training-oswa.htm ]

The following 8 DISM students are now officially OSWA™ certified:
Nicholas Toh
Ng Zi Kai
Sam Tan
Tay Jie Hao
Tiong Jia Ming
Wong Hao Wen
Yap Yao Ming
Zander Chai

Congratulations to all of them! Make DISM proud!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

DISM Assembly cum ITSP Intro. Presentation

On the afternoon of 11th of May, DISM students gathered in LT17A for a series of award presentation ceremony. Deputy Director of DMIT Mr. William Chan, Co-Founders of ThinkSecure Mr. Julian Ho and Mr. Christopher Low, distinguished guests from CSIT and I-Net were present. Various students from year 2 and 3 received Director's Roll award, I-Net Scholarship and OSSA certification plus award.

After the ceremony, different groups of final year students who are currently working on their Infocomm Technology Security Projects each presented on their idea, proposal and progress.

various groups presenting on their project

It was an enriching and thought provoking session. Students get to practice their pitching and public speaking skills while being able to learn from and share with each other. 

Look forward to their final presentation on 3rd of August at 3pm in the Hall!