Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Catch Me If You Can @ Cyber Wargame Centre

12 Nov 2012. An IT Security Game was conducted this morning at the Cyber Wargame Centre. The theme is entitled as "Catch Me If You Can". Students were required to "investigate" a crime scenario and use tools to perform the analysis of collected evidences.

It was an interesting and exciting exercise as students worked very  closely and under pressure to find/locate the culprits. Eventually, the winning team emerged and walk away with free "sweets" from the DISM Chair, Mr Liew.

The briefing by Miss Yeo.
Students actively engaged in the game.
Students from another class working hard through the scenario.
The scoreboard.
The students with the game master, Jia Sheng, a DISM Year 3 student.
DISM Chair, Mr Liew with the winning team.
Special Mention Prize, Clinton received prize from Mr Liew.
Clinton managed to get access into the scoreboard server.

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