Sunday, December 30, 2012

Singapore Polytechnic Open House 2013

Singapore Polytechnic Open House 2013 (With SP, It's So Possible)

Jan 05, 2013 - Jan 08, 2013
Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road Singapore Polytechnic
6775 1133

Time: 10am to 6pm
Price: Free admission


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

One of the important factors in considering which diploma course to select is the financial support. At SP, we understand your needs and we make education as affordable as we can.

Outstanding students in SP get selected for the SP Scholars Programme to challenge, develop and maximise their personal, intellectual and leadership potential. They also get to take part in the SP Outstanding Talent (SPOT) programme which invokes them in global current affairs and grooms them into a new generation of thinkers and leaders. On top of it, SP scholars also receive full tuition fee sponsorship and one-time laptop subsidy!

 Visit our SP website to know more about the Scholarships.

Visit our SP website to know more about the Financial Assistance Scheme.

For potential DISM students, you can also consider to apply for the following scholarships: 
  • Red Hat Scholarship
  • Integrated Infocomm Scholarship
  • National Infocomm Schalarship

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Certified Ethical Hacker is here....

28 Dec 2012. Congratulations to the following DISM student who took and passed the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv7) exam on 28 Dec 2012.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10 Reasons to choose SP

1) Choice Courses
We've got a wide range of courses to suit your needs and interests - 50, to be exact - including new ones being offered for the first time in the new academic year.

2) Fun CCAs
Boredom's got no room in your life when there're more than 120 student clubs and a host of exiting activities for your to take part in.

3) Happening Campus Life
Six food courts, a range of sports and leisure facilities, and the Student Hub@Moberly; no wonder SP students are always on campus.

4) Well-Recognised Qualifications
Many of our graduates have found that an SP Diploma opens the door to further studies at universities both local and foreign. You too can join their ranks.

5) Good Job Prospects
Three words: Industrial Training Programme. Hands-on practical experience is built into our courses so you can enter the job markets as a skilled employee.

6) Outstanding Facilities
"State-of-the-art" and "industry-standard" often come up when people talk about our learning facilities and resources. We like. You would too.

7) Caring and Helpful Lecturers
No kidding! They're experienced and highly qualified too: 60% have a Master's or PhD.

8) Invaluable Overseas Experience
Austria, Canada, China, Egypt, France - just a handful of the countries where our students have been in the past year. Where've you been lately?

9) Affordable Education
Money's not a big worry. Not with our range of financial assistance options, llike tuition grants and study loans. You could also pick up a bursary or a scholarship!

10) Unwavering Dedication to Excellence
Show us what you're made. And we'll show you how to stretch yourself further so you can reach higher.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Interview with our DISM Graduates

Interview with our DISM graduates........ hear what they say......

Friday, December 14, 2012

Best IT SECURITY diploma course

At SP, we provide you with the best IT SECURITY diploma course. See the reasons below:

1) State-of-the-art learning spaces (Cyber Wargame Centre, CWC).
2) Experienced, skilled and caring lecturers.
3) Current and relevant curriculum with holistic education.
4) Unleashed your potentials through wargaming.
5) Ready for work, life and world.
6) Improve your employability and market value.
7) Two qualifications await you: both academic and professional certifications.
8) Yes, DISM (S54) is the right choice for you. The fast track to IT security career/education.

Most importantly, we have high cohort success rate for students who choose to proceed to study with local/overseas universities. If you need more information, come to Singapore Polytechnic Open House 2013.

We make you SPecial

Being a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) student gives you the competitive edge for a boost in your future studies and career. You can look forward to an interesting curriculum that covers offensive attacks, defensive methods and investigative skills.

Choose Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) S54 as your FIRST CHOICE, the BEST IT Security diploma course.

Some more reasons why you should join us:

Learning Through Wargaming
Test your skills against your peers in our newly designed Cyber Wargame Centre (CWC). Build up your defences, launch offensive attacks on your targets, and delve into the intriguing world of forensics investigation, all in the format of cyber wargame scenarios.

Head start in NUS even before you graduate
Students who meet NUS’ programme criteria can choose join the NUS-Poly Preparatory Programme. This programme gives you the special opportunity to take one NUS module each in your second and third year of study here in SP. Imagine the chance to be immersed in University classes and interact with undergraduates well before your peers! Upon successfully completion of the programme, you will be eligible to enroll into NUS’ Bachelor of Computing degree programme through special admission!!

Get yourself recognised by the industry
Be on top of the game and get recognised by the industry through professional industry certifications. No other institutions are quite as ready as us to give you that extra competitive edge!

Certification List
  • CompTIA Security+
  • EC Council Certified Ethical Hacking
  • EC Council Certified Hacking Forensics Investigation
  • EC Council Certified Security Analyst
  • ThinkSECURE Organizational Systems Security Analyst
  • ThinkSECURE Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • And more...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Singapore Polytechnic Open House 2013

Singapore Polytechnic Open House 2013 (With SP, It's So Possible)

Jan 05, 2013 - Jan 08, 2013
Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road Singapore Polytechnic
6775 1133

Time: 10am to 6pm
Price: Free admission


Sunday, December 9, 2012

DISM Year 3 Gathering

On 7th Dec 2012, year 3 DISM students had a lunch gathering before the internship briefing in the afternoon.

One of the past DISM top graduates Gibson Cheng also came back and shared with juniors extensively on the things to take note in application for various courses and universities, both local and overseas ones.

Gibson Cheng sharing on how to get in the "right university"
and how to find out what the "right course" is for oneself
After the buffet lunch cum bonding session, many continued to enjoy themselves with X-Box Games and CTF practices, each catering to the group of unique interest. It was totally the relaxation everyone needed and rightfully deserved after their hard work and effort in the last term.

Some girls took a group photo to treasure this meaningful moment
From left to right:
Candice Teo, Valda Goh, Gangadevi, Angie Ng, Siti, Loon Ngai Fong

Amid the pleasant chit-chatting, some took the initiative to capture photos in small groups in the security lab in memory of so many good times they had together along this memorable learning journey in DISM.

Three DISM students in Changi Airport waiting for take-off
to their destination city Chang Chun, China for OITP
From left to right: James Ling Yi, Goh Zhiyan, Angie Ng

Featuring photo courtesy of Candice Teo and Mr. Calvin Siak

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Final Year Project Sharing: Automated Syscall Fuzzer Generator on MAC OS X

Project Title: Automated Syscall Fuzzer Generator on MAX OS X
Categories: Fuzzer, Mac OS X XNU Kernel.
Students:  Jeremy Heng (team leader), Ku Wee Kiat, Gerald Tan and Goh Kee Chin.

Synopsis: The purpose of this project is to develop a fuzzer to test for vulnerabilities and reveal bugs in the Mac OS X XNU Kernel.

Aim: Fuzzers built to test for vulnerabilities and reveal bugs in the Mac OS X XNU Kernel are scarce, in both the open and closed source worlds. In addition, existing fuzzers lack the intelligence to adapt to a rapidly changing environment such as a regularly updated operating system kernel. Existing fuzzers do not take into account the semantics of system calls or the order in which these system calls are called. Grapevine is a highly abstractable automated fuzzer designed for the discovery of vulnerabilities and bugs in the Mac OS X’s XNU kernel through the process of ’fuzzing’.

Objectives of the Project:
  • To develop a tool that is capable of discovering bugs in the Mac OS X’s XNU kernel through the process of fuzzing
  • To automatically and dynamically generate the system calls for execution based on attached semantic rules
  • To provide a means by which further investigation may be carried out in the event of a detected failure of the kernel (e.g. kernel panic through corrupted kernel memory). 
The system overview.
(From L to R): Jeremy Heng (team leader), Ku Wee Kiat, Gerald Tan and Goh Kee Chin.
 “The Grapevine Project is, I would consider, a great achievement. To design a kernel fuzzer; implement it in one of my favourite languages of all time, Python; and then release it to the open source, completely free and for anyone to use is a huge and memorable thing to do. It's thrilling to be part of the open source community and to contribute to the collective knowledge as part of a final year project. The project was more academic than business, and I particularly enjoyed the technicalities of our subject, the XNU kernel. It is up for free at https://github.com/jergorn93/grapevine, and I definitely hope that it can grow beyond a school project into something bigger in future." said Jeremy, the student leader of the project.
Another student, Wee kiat said, "Doing a large project like this FYP has taught me many things. For one, it is faster to learn a programming language while actually working on a project. This project is written entirely in the Python programming language. Starting out, there was only 1 person in our group with Python knowledge. After the project, the whole group is able to program in Python. Another thing I realised after the completion of the project is the need of to plan properly and thoroughly and to have good communication. There might not be a need for a full SDLC for FYP, but it is still important to have a solid base idea of the project/application and along the way, a strong idea of the tiny details or functions of the application. So that there will not be any last minute misconceptions or misintepretations. I feel that the FYP is one of the best projects I've worked on throughout my 3 years in poly."