Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cyber-Wellness Talk @ Nan Chiau High School

25 Aug 2010. DISM year 2 students, JiaMing, Pravin and MingYi, together with DISM graduand, Andre, made their way to Nan Chiau High School. They were there to share the Cyber-Wellness talk, which covered cyber safety (e.g. care with cyber contacts) and how to manage cyber bullying, a current hot and favourite cyber topic on the internet. The ultimate aim was to promote a culture of safe and responsible use of online tools on the Internet.

"Personally, I am impress by the quality of your students who are able to compose them in front of a large audience. I strongly believe that this opportunity for your students to practice their presentation skills and at the same time share their knowledge with their juniors is very meaningful and educational." said Mr Goh Kar Whee, Subject Head / ICT.

Once again, we wanted to thanks all the DISM students in conducting the Cyber-wellness talk. While sharing the message of cyber-wellness, we hope to continue to inculcate volunteerism spirit in all our DISM students.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NUS Preparatory Programme 2010

Three DISM Year 2 students, Chai Wai Aik Zander, Toh Zuan Jie Nicholas and Tiong Jia Ming are accepted into the NUS Preparatory Programme, joining Year 3 student Cheah Kit Weng who is in his 2nd year in this programme.

Friday, August 6, 2010

IBM Software Technical Conference

5 Aug 2010. A group of 6 DMIT year 2 students met up together with DMIT Senior Lecturer, Mr Karl Kwan, headed to One World Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to attend the IBM Software Technical Conference from 3 to 5 Aug, sponsored by IBM Singapore.

The objective of the trip was to learn about IBM technologies and to create an awareness of a successful career within the IBM ecosystem. The conference provided the delegates with many opportunities to learn about real world scenarios, case studies and implementation details and best practices from recognized leaders in the field of infocomm technology. In addition, the group also attended various hands-on labs and a chance to have a face-to-face dialogue with the by IBM Software Services Country .

"The IBM trip is an eye opener to the IT industry for us students who have little or no clue at all what it is about. From the trip itself, it has further proven to me that the IT industry is always rapidly developing and companies are always competing with one another from the many representatives worldwide. If given the chance to go to such wide scale conference, I will definitely grasp the chance to do so." Said Hao Wen, Year 2 DISM student.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Making of Scholars

"SP scholars make their mark and leaving a legacy, both in and out of the classroom, come naturally to many of our students. And many continue to make waves after graduating. One such group are SP graduates who clinched scholarships to further their studies at prestigious institutions."

Our DISM students:

Justin Ross Clarke

Ng Hao Yuan Andre (front row centre)

Teh Qin Chuan (far left)

Tan Jingwei (far right)