Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PoliCTF 2012

Adapted from Team NandyNarwhals Blog Site ]

For the PoliCTF 2012 which took place on last Sunday, team Nandy Narwhals which is made up entirely of DISM SIG members and team Denial of Zervice (Doz) of industrial professionals teamed up to form Singapore Group, a collection of the only two regular CTF teams located in Singapore.

Official web page of PoliCTF 2012, which is organized by Politecnico di Milano, Italy

After 24 hours of online collaboration, the combined team managed to solve four of the challenges:
1) bin-pwn100  
2) binpwn-200  
3) binpwn-400  
4) grabbag-300 

Team "Singapore Group" finished at 19th position, with various puzzles solved

The final place of the team on the scoreboard was 19th with 1000 points, a higher ranking than famous international teams such as PPP and FluxFingers.

That is no doubt another great achievement by our DISM students. Keep up the good work, fellas!

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