Friday, August 10, 2012

Pizza and Game Get-together

On the afternoon of 8th August (Wednesday), some DISM students came together for the annual Pizza and Games Gathering, which has over the years become a tradition of the DISM course. This time the theme was "FFF" which stands for Full of Food and Fun.

Can anyone tell which game our friend here is playing?

What is that topic that seems to be so interesting?

Looks like someone has found a cozy corner ... with TV

The participating students who came from all walks of years enjoyed themselves playing games, among which was for example the popular masterpiece Dota2, on laptops as well as various Xbox games and the Xbox 360 sets provided by the school, while indulging themselves with the delicious pizzas and drinks delivered to the doorstep.

It was not just a bonding moment but also also n enriching experience. At the same time a few senior students shared with those interested juniors about our DISM Special Interest Group (SIG) and their involvement in numerous Capture The Flag competitions.

Hope more student would join and have fun in the Pizza and Games session next year!

Monday, August 6, 2012

ITSP Showcase 2012

On Friday 3rd of August 2012, the Infocomm Technology Project Showcase (ITSP) of 2012 was held at The Hall, Singapore Polytechnic. The ITSP is an annual exhibition of the hard work of the various Final Year Projects of DISM third year students, where faculty staff and industrial guests as well as any interested students, can come to visit and learn about what the projects are about and how they are carried out.

The program rundown of the day was as follows:
10.10am ITSP Presentation  
12.30pm Lunch Break  
2.00pm DISM Project Showcase/Demo  
5.00pm End of programme 

All groups involved in the ITSP Showcase 2012

In the morning each group spent about 5 minutes briefly talking about their findings and products, while in the afternoon the floor was open to visitors, many of them exchanged interesting discussions on the projects. It was a mutually beneficial learning process for both the parties who raised and answered questions.

The event was also one of the major assessment components in the FYP module, and most of the group did fairly well. At the end of the day, though exhausted, participants are all still pretty excited about their first ever formal demonstration and/or showcase in life. Keep up the good work in your future professional endeavors DISMers!