Friday, December 10, 2010

DISM Internship Experience 2010

9 Dec 2010. To complement the education of our students, we place our final year students on internship programme with companies to gain experience in IT security-related projects. We hope that students can also contribute to the companies by applying what they have learnt in the DISM course.

Hear what our DISM students have to say about their internship experience:

Gibson & Edmund

"The experience I gained at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is invaluable to my understanding of the working world, and it has sharpened not only my technical skills, but also my social skills. I believe that this experience will further strengthen me and prepare me mentally for the future challenges I will face in the working world."
- Gibson Cheng (left) @ PwC

"During my internship with Singapore Police Force, everyday is a challenge. There will be a variety of interesting tasks allocated to me every week. This internship allows me to understand why the modules are being taught in DISM as they are applicable in the working industries. Thank you DISM for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to experience this internship."
- Andy Low @ SPF

"Internship at DSO not only gives me the opportunity to participate in world's industry-level projects that only government-funded companies, such as DSO, can afford to produce. But also allows me have a sneak preview of my future if I were to pursue an IT career. It is indeed a kill-two-birds with one stone learning experience!"
- Ryan Cheng @ DSO

Yong He, Alvin and Ryan
"I have learnt to be more independent on doing a project. Through the process, I also have learnt that a problem could be solved in a few ways instead of just one way. Most importantly, the internship programme gives me the opportunity to experience what IT industry field is like."
- Pang Yong He @ DSO

"I have been learning a lot, be it work experience or course related projects. The internship opportunity has really widened my knowledge on I.T. Security; things that I never thought of and things I never thought was possible. I am very honored to be able to join and to help out as member of the project team and contribute to the success of the company."
- Alvin Lim @ Argentra

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