Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DISM Guest Lecture/Seminar

Hi DISM students

Please note the details of the guest lecture/seminar as follows:

1) Date: 3 December 2010, Friday
2) Time: 2pm to 3pm
3) Venue: LT17B
4) Speaker: Mr Julian Ho, Director/Co-founder, ThinkSECURE
5) Title: Wi-Fu - How Crackers Target You & Your WiFi Network

This presentation illustrates some of the methods and approaches that malicious individuals use to target organizations' wireless networks and the individuals who use those wireless networks for their business (and personal) activities. Through a practical demonstration, it illustrates why it is a necessity for individual employees to be aware of what constitutes normal behavior in a wireless network, why they need to assist their IT departments in maintaining the security of their employer's wireless networks and also why organizations need to ensure that they not only audit the wireless network and the vendors who provision/maintain them, but also ensure effective enforcement of wireless-related corporate policies and procedures.

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