Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Digital Media & IT Fiesta! 2010

Digital Media & IT Fiesta! 2010 event was held in School of DMIT during the month of October. Secondary school students from various schools gather for exciting and fun-filled 1 to 4 days workshops conducted by our enthusiastic instructors: Our very own Year 2 and 3 students from DMIT.

In this event, DISM conducted the workshop entitled “Know Your Enemies: The Infocomm Security Challenge”.

The main objective of the workshop was to educate and invoke interest in secondary school students regarding the areas of IT Security.

The participants were working in a group of 4, and undergone 2 sessions of training: one training session on Steganography conducted by our DISM year-2 student, Jia Ming and the other session on wireless exploits by another DISM year-2 student, Max Chee. They were assisted by all other DISM year-2 students.

At the end of the sessions, a mini competition was held in the Infocomm Security Labs. The competition was played out with a storyline where the participants were investigators and they were supposed to investigate a data-theft case. The participants needed to apply what they had learnt during the sessions and solved the case in which they needed to identify the "Real" hacker. It was really an exciting and fun-filled event and all the participants enjoyed the training sessions as well as the mini competition.

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