Friday, October 1, 2010

Innovation in Education Project - Krypton Game

On the 30 Sep 2010, 3 DMIT lecturers shared their research project in 1 of the breakout sessions, "Innovation in Education Projects" at the Excellence in Education & Training Convention 2010 in Singapore Polytechnic.

The team was led by principal investigator, Hubertus W J Borst Pauwels with content providers, DISM lecturers Liew Chin Chuan and Samson Yeow of Infocomm Security section. The project was supervised by Education Advisor, Erir Wei of Education Department.

The main idea of the project was to develop a 3-D game using "UNREAL" technolgy, to be used in the classroom for students to learn about the concepts and applications of cryptography. The game, called "Krypton" was tested with a few groups of secondary school students and poly year 1/2 students studying infocomm security modules.

Mosrt students reflected that the games was very useful and it helped the students to learn cryptography concepts more effectively.

Students from Jurongville Secondary Schools playing with the "Krypton" game designed by DMIT lecturers.

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