Sunday, December 9, 2012

DISM Year 3 Gathering

On 7th Dec 2012, year 3 DISM students had a lunch gathering before the internship briefing in the afternoon.

One of the past DISM top graduates Gibson Cheng also came back and shared with juniors extensively on the things to take note in application for various courses and universities, both local and overseas ones.

Gibson Cheng sharing on how to get in the "right university"
and how to find out what the "right course" is for oneself
After the buffet lunch cum bonding session, many continued to enjoy themselves with X-Box Games and CTF practices, each catering to the group of unique interest. It was totally the relaxation everyone needed and rightfully deserved after their hard work and effort in the last term.

Some girls took a group photo to treasure this meaningful moment
From left to right:
Candice Teo, Valda Goh, Gangadevi, Angie Ng, Siti, Loon Ngai Fong

Amid the pleasant chit-chatting, some took the initiative to capture photos in small groups in the security lab in memory of so many good times they had together along this memorable learning journey in DISM.

Three DISM students in Changi Airport waiting for take-off
to their destination city Chang Chun, China for OITP
From left to right: James Ling Yi, Goh Zhiyan, Angie Ng

Featuring photo courtesy of Candice Teo and Mr. Calvin Siak

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